Check-in guide

When you are in the large square of Lio Grando, turn left and take the road between the two large residences.

Continue straight along the road.

You can park on the grassy space near the curve. The parking area is free and I recommend you use this, because it is very convenient and close to the entrance of the residence.

Walk into the small forecourt of the residence. Bicycles can be parked in this area (it is advisable to tie them up using a padlock).

Proceed towards the entrance (if you prefer to avoid steps, you can use the ramp for the disabled on the right).

The keybox is located on the right-hand side of the door.

Open this keybox.

Enter the combination sent to you by the host in the private messages.

After getting the keys, close the keybox with the wheel and change the combination so that no one can open it.

Open the door of the residence and turn left.

Follow the corridor turning to the right.

Stay on the ground floor, walk the entire corridor.

At the end of the corridor turn left.

Go up the stairs.

When you reach the first floor, turn left.

The first flat on the right is yours, number 20.